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In a world of mass communication, we offer clients an SMS service that is instant, effective and secure.

With a Tier 1 service, Avetio enables tailored, global communication with immediate impact. We understand the importance of sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

Our team is always on hand to assist customers, ensuring they get the best possible results from their communication campaigns by data cleansing, using effective timing strategies and tailored messaging to meet the target audience.

Avetio has developed a suite of products to suit discerning customers, ensuring companies of all sizes, from independents to global organisations, can benefit from SMS technology.

Text Marketing

Why choose Avetio?

Mobile usage is anticipated to double in the next five years as it overtakes PCs and laptops as the main means of accessing the web.

SMS technology is fast, effective, measurable and has an incredible reach. Perhaps most important is its efficiency, particularly in a business climate where smart working is mandatory to achieve success.

Our technology is specially designed to be simple to use, with easy navigation. Avetio also offers support from a friendly team of experienced advisors to help make your campaigns have lasting impact.

How can SMS benefit you?

Avetio works with companies of all sizes operating in a vast spectrum of industries.

Mobile messaging is relevant for any organisation in the public or private sector which values communication as a core business tool. From in-house HR teams to business operations managers, logistics teams and external marketing strategists, SMS technology is used by organisations of all sizes.

Contact Avetio today if you think your organisation could use SMS technology to improve its communications strategy.

What do our clients say.

With a broad client-base ranging from owner operated single hotels and restaurants to international companies, it’s important we used tailored communications that can be effectively managed.

The Avetio platform is really accessible and allows us to manage text communication, using timely and relevant messaging for each audience. We’ve been really impressed by the efficiency of the system and the account management support is second to none.

The European Safety Bureau

As an independent beauty spa we were keen to use SMS technology to talk to our customers.

Avetio’s affordable off-the-shelf messaging platform is exactly what we were looking for and it’s great to deal with such a friendly and approachable team. We especially like the fact there are no on-going costs and we’re only charged for the messages we send.

Refresh Beauty Spa

As Challenge Cup Winner and a Super League team we have a very strong and loyal fan base, an engaging community scheme and a wealth of stakeholders and corporate sponsors.

Avetio's platform is a really efficient and easy-to-manage tool to allow mass communication. The beauty of it is it means we can talk to people at the right time with the right message, to ensure maximum impact.

Wigan Warriors

Being Europe's largest live poker club, we work with Avetio to benefit from their SMS platform to communicate promotions to gamers, using instant technology for a mass market.

We also use Avetio's API which allows us to offer an added value service to our online client base. We've been consistently impressed by both the product offering and the professional, advisory service we receive from the team.

Dusk Till Dawn Poker