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New product refresher

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

We recently made you aware of our new features to ensure communication with your clients is as simple and effective as possible. This is an opportunity to give you a quick refresher of the benefits and to remind you we’re always keen to hear your feedback.

You might already be seeing even better results from your campaigns by using our Field Changer feature, which allows you to send personalised messages. Remember, the more personalised the message, the more it relates to the individual, so engages and builds trust.

Here’s a reminder of the 4 simple steps:
Step A. Use the Excel Layout template to insert your chosen numbers and fields. This can be found in the Excel Send tab. Save the file on your desktop.

Step B. Select your saved file in the browse option in Excel Send.

Step C. When typing a message, type [field1] which corresponds to text for field1 in your excel file.

Rules for writing messages:
• remember to use square brackets i.e. [field1] not (field1)
• do not put a space between “field” and number i.e. [field1] not [field 1]
• use lower case only i.e. [field1] not [FIELD1]

Step D. Send your message or schedule to send at a later time.

You should also be familiar now with Data Cleansing, which ensures your customer data works effectively for you over the long-term.

We bunched together types of numbers that are considered ‘Bad Numbers’, classified as Opt Out, Failed, Invalid or Duplicate.

Remind me, what happens now?
These ‘bad numbers’ are now automatically taken care of by our system, so you don’t have to worry and can continue sending messages to customers that count.
Networks don’t accept numbers which include a space e.g 07544 322130. Now our system cleverly recognises this and removes spaces, so you don’t have to.
If a customer messages in to opt out of communication, our system will now remember this and automatically move them to refrain from receiving further communication. We’re always thinking ahead!
For more details about Field Changer or Data Cleansing, please see the user guide which can be found on the top RHS in your account. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us by email or 0207 1833 148.

Stamping out spiralling postage costs

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Businesses out there are still reeling from the alarming rise in stamp prices which came into force on 30 April this year.

With a carte-blanche from Ofcom (the communications industry watchdog) to set its own prices, Royal Mail revealed a 30% hike in first class stamp prices from 46p to a record 60p.

The announcement put a further squeeze on businesses that are already at the mercy of a turbulent economy.

Large letters saw an increase from 75p to 90p (first class) – a rise that will no doubt start to make a dent on budgets, particularly for organisations which regularly send out mass mail-shots to both existing and prospective clients.

The spiralling cost of traditional communication methods is prompting businesses to look to more cost effective and efficient means of liaising with customers, stakeholders and employees. Here at Avetio, we’re working with businesses that are really seeing the value of using SMS, particularly those sending high volume communications to segmented target audiences.

When margins are painfully tight and budgets are shrinking, businesses risk unfeasibly high postage fees unless they switch on to more savvy, value-for-money communications channels.

With a unit cost of just pennies (this varies depending on volume), instant delivery and effective data cleansing, the argument in favour of SMS certainly stacks up against traditional, slower-paced post.

Marketeers should think ‘integrated’

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

With more than 80 million UK mobile subscribers, we are fast becoming a nation of thumb crunchers. However, is the rich diversity of mobile technology available being effectively incorporated in marketing campaigns?

Research suggests that consumers in their 20s look at more than 20 different types of media per hour, in frenzied interactions with both small and large screens, from film to TV, tablet, smartphone and back again.

While marketeers are thinking mobile in their campaign strategies, some aren’t necessarily embracing the rich mix of mobile channels to create compelling and engaging campaigns.

We, at Avetio, think Integration is key and the choice of mobile channels should be based on research into customer user journeys. Mobile can be used in different areas of the business and the most informed decisions on channel usage are made on a case by case basis dependent on the business or campaign in question.

We are fast becoming a ‘hyper-connected’ society and the number of mobile devices is only going to grow. Mobile technologies shouldn’t be used discretely but in an integrated way to create a more fulfilling customer experience. Mobile should be embedded in marketing channels in sophisticated ways to appeal to consumers in specific moments as part of a much more holistic approach.

While mobile technologies are increasingly being embraced in marketing campaigns, there is still disparity in budget allocation, particularly compared with more traditional marketing channels. Investment in mobile lags behind, and only accounts for approximately 1 per cent of marketing spend, compared to how much time users are interacting with mobile*.

Switched on marketeers will see they can make budgets work harder if they allocate them to a carefully considered blend of mobile channels. The market is evolving all the time so many marketeers are strategising and can be reticent about allocating budget to a mix of mobile channels.

While it’s important to research and consider the relevant channels for each campaign, if marketing professionals fail to invest across multiple mobile channels, their campaigns may not achieve their full potential. Testing is also essential and it’s not always possible to get it right first time, but with careful research into each campaign or business proposition, the results can be powerful.

* Research from Flurry Analytics

Raising ‘text-spectations’ in marketing activity

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

With more than 80 million UK mobile subscribers, we are fast becoming a nation of thumb crunchers. However, is the phenomenal uptake of mobile technology reflected in marketing campaigns?

Mobiles are increasingly viewed as essential possessions. They are rarely out of eye-shot and, for some, the first priority after waking in the morning, to review texts and emails.

A US survey revealed young people aged between 12 and 17 are the most frequent users of SMS, sending on average 60 texts per day.*

Despite the fact 94 per cent of text messages are read (90 per cent within three minutes of receipt), companies are missing out by not ‘thinking mobile’.

We are fast becoming a ‘hyper-connected’ society and the number of mobile devices is only going to grow. Businesses see tangible results from SMS and it can be incorporated into multi-channel campaigns as an effective and measurable medium.

Here are five key benefits to using text marketing channels:

1. Keys, wallet, mobile. These are the three things people leave home with so you can be sure your message reaches your recipient while they’re on the move.

2. Campaign creation and delivery can be implemented in minutes, not days or weeks like other channels.

3. SMS take-up is 94 per cent – the same can’t be said for more traditional media.

4. Text campaigns are measurable so clients can see the benefits.

5. When budgets are under scrutiny, SMS is a cost effective option ensuring a greater return on investment.

*Research carried out by Pew Internet and American Life Project